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About Ministry of Water Supply

Effective, sustainable and quality service delivery is the expectation of the people. The duty of service delivery of various tiers of governments under federal system of governance has been constitutionally spelled out. Water and sanitation facilities have been recognized as fundamental rights of the people in The Constitution of Nepal.

Water supply and sanitation sectoral policies, acts, rules and formation orders are the legal basis for functioning of the Ministry. Water supply and sanitation related functions were seen as shared responsibility of the central and local levels as per the provisions of Local Self Governance Act 1999 where as incumbent Constitution has also vested this function in all of the three tiers of governments.

The Department of Water Supply and Sewerage (DWSS) under this Ministry, with responsibility of planning, implementation, operation, repair and maintenance of water supply and sanitation systems through out the country, is the lead implementing agency of the WASH sector where as the Ministry is the lead executing agency. Apart from the Department, there are Boards, Water Supply Corporation, Committees, Project Directorate and Water Tariff Fixation Commission as regulatory body for the urban water and sanitation services delivery.

Nepal has already met the Millenium Development Goals (MDG) targets set in WASH sector as… Read More